Fiber optic conjunction technicians are referred to as telecommunications line installers and repairers. they'll specialise in fiber optic cables, that square measure employed in phone, tv and information networks. Linemen splice and terminate fiber optic cables whereas maintaining fiber optic networks. Linemen square measure needed to possess a highschool certification or GED at minimum before receiving on-the-job coaching, although formal teaching programs within the field are obtainable.

Duties of Fiber Optic Linemen:

Fiber optic cables, that square measure normally product of glass and transmit signals mistreatment light-weight, square measure used by the telecommunications trade to hold phone, tv and web information, and square measure handled by line installers and repairers. These technicians specialise in conjunction and terminating fiber optic cables to expand telecommunications networks into new areas or to switch existing lines. They also troubleshoot and perform maintenance to resolve signal problems.

The installation method involves stringing cable between elevated towers and poles or giving birth lines underground. Fiber optic linemen use construction instrumentality, like plows, trenchers, borers and winches to dig trenches, either to get underground cable or to put in poles. Linemen conjointly install terminal boxes, insulation, and different electronic equipment, like signal amplifiers and repeaters. Installation conjointly includes stringing wire throughout a home or industrial building. Once put in, linemen check the line's signal strength.

Linemen activity maintenance and repair work examine lines and use electrical instrumentality to check for injury. they'll troubleshoot a line to find a fault and splice in printing operation to exchange broken cable.

Requirements to Become a Fiber Optic Installer and trained worker:

Telecommunications and utilities firms give on-the-job coaching and need candidates to possess a highschool credentials or a GED. although not needed, certificate programs or post-secondary work in natural philosophy, fiber optics and telecommunications technology will enhance employment opportunities.

Fiber optic installation and repair demands condition, with some firms requiring workers handle different up to fifty lbs. or more. employees might have to become expert with construction instrumentality and add each confined and elevated areas, like crawl areas and catwalks. Proficiency with hand tools, together with cable jacket strippers, crimpers and diagnostic instrumentality is important.