In-Store Promoter

Sector: Telecom Sub-Sector: Handset Occupation: Sales

In-Store Promoter within the telecommunication business is additionally called In-Shop Promoter / Sales Representative / Retail Sales Representative / Sales govt.

Brief Job Description: Individual at this job demonstrates and highlights the merchandise pleasing (Features, blessings & Benefits) to walk-in customers; offers them the chance to the touch and feel the product(s) on display; answer queries on product and services.

Personal Attributes: This job needs the individual to possess influencing and persuasion skills; wonderful verbal and non-verbal communication skills; English & regional language proficiency; should be energetic and versatile and will have a lovely temperament.

Guidelines for Assessment:

  1. Criteria for assessment for every Qualification Pack are created by the arena talent Council. Every Performance Criteria (PC) are assigned marks proportional to its importance in NOS. SSC also will lay down proportion of marks for Theory and Skills sensible for every computer.
  2. The assessment for the speculation half are supported data bank of queries created by the SSC.
  3. Individual assessment agencies can produce distinctive question papers for theory half candidate at each examination/training center
  4. Individual assessment agencies can produce distinctive evaulations for talent sensible student at each examination/training center supported this criteria
  5. To pass the Qualification Pack, each tiro ought to score a minimum of seventieth in each NOS
  6. just in case of with success passing solely sure range of NOS's, the tiro is eligible to require later assessment on the balance NOS's to pass the Qualification Pack.