Field Technician Networking and Storage


This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of "Field Technician Networking and Storage" in the "Electronics" Sector/ industry and by the end of the program aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner:

1. Processor Speed, Cores and RAM 6. Safety / Security / Server
2. Storage and Peripheral Devices 7. Network / Client
3. Network Essentials 8. Safety / Security/ Client
4. Network and Server Infrastructure 9. Soft Skills and Communication Skills
5.Storage and Server Infrastructure 10. Safety and Security
Sl.No Topic/Module Duration (Hrs) Key Learning Outcomes Corresponding NOS Code
1 General Introduction and Setting Expectations Career Path Discussion 1 Day / 4 Hours
  • To introduce oneself by giving your name and telling the class a little bit about your yourself, your likes and dislikes, your reason for attending the course etc...
  • To discuss expectations from the trainees & the trainer and about rules, regulations, protocol, transparency, etc.
2 Network Essentials 6 Days / 12 Hours
  • Recognizing of OSI model
  • Recognizing of TCP/IP model
  • Identify the Network Technologies.
  • Recognize Types of application used
  • Identify the types devices
  • Identify the Protocols used
  • Understanding device functionalities at different layers
ELE/ N4612
3 Network Operating Systems 1 Days / 2 Hours
  • To develop student's knowledge, skill & abilities in describing network operating systems
ELE/ N4612
4 Network and Server Infrastructure (Windows) 2 Days / 4 Hours
  • To explain how to configure Windows Server Active Directory and its purpose,
ELE/ N4612
5 Windows Server Management 3 Days / 6 Hours
  • Implement AD Objects, Group policy and its purpose
ELE/ N4612
6 Securing Windows Server Infrastructure 2 Days / 4 Hours
  • Implement Files and folders and authenticating permission, Disk Quota and Shadow copy Management
ELE/ N4612
7 IP routing, Switching and remote connection technologies 5 Days / 10 Hours
  • IP Routing Static and dynamic routing
  • Remote desktop and remote assistance
  • Switching and Virtual LAN's
ELE/ N4612
8 Network Maintenance and Management 5 Days / 10 Hours
  • List and define criteria involved with network planning and management
  • Analyze the network topology for identifying the issues
  • Using network diagnostic tools li>
  • Monitoring network activity
  • Computer Securitys
  • Troubleshooting network related issues
9 Storage Components 2 Day / 4 Hours
  • disk types, components, and features
  • removable media types, components, and features
ELE/ N4612
10 Storage and Peripheral Devices 4Day /8 Hours
  • To describe the characteristics of internal and external storage devices including RAID
  • To identify differences between connector types
  • understand the nature of the problems and perform initial diagnosis
  • To resolve common peripheral device issues and errors
ELE/ N4612
11 Storage Connectivity 4 Day /8 Hours
  • Identify common storage networking industry terms
ELE/ N4612
12 Storage Management 4 Days / 8 Hours
  • Identifying the problems with Storage
  • Monitoring and reporting storage usage
  • Troubleshooting storage issues
13 Functional English Listening, Probing & Speaking Skills 2 Days / 4 Hours
  • Develop working knowledge of day to day English for business & basic communication purpose.
  • To be able to listen carefully and also ask open ended questions to understand the problem at hand or the instruction being given clearly
ELE/ N4601
14 Manage your work to meet requirements 2 Days /4 Hours
  • utilize your time effectively
  • use resources correctly and efficiently
  • treat confidential information correctly
  • work in line with your organization's policies and procedures
  • ensure your work meets the agreed requirements
  • communicate with colleagues
15 1 Day /2Hours
  • comply with your organization's current health, safety
  • report any identified breaches in health, safety, and security policies
  • identify and correct any hazards
16 Service Desk Processes and Procedures 3 Day / 6 Hours
  • support customers remotely
  • record, prioritize and categorize service requests/incidents
  • understand the nature of the problems and perform initial diagnosis
  • organization's tools and processes for incident management
  • monitor problems to keep customers informed
17 Soft skill and Reporting Process 4 Days /8 Hours
  • Importance of Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting ,CSFs, KPIs, and Activity Metrics , Quantity Based Activity Measures , Service Desk and Process Metricse
  • Service Level Agreement, Timeliness of Response and Resolution data, Problem Management Process Flow (ITIL), Problem Determination, Resolution, tracking, report, control, measures.
ELE/N9909 ELE/N4601
18 Revisions and Test 3 Days / 6 Hours
  • Review and Assessment