Outsourcing Services


At Rooman Technology we are open to provide all sort of OutSourcing Services to Clients. Outsourcing is an allocation of specific business processes to a specialist external service provider. Most of the times an organization cannot handle all aspects of a business process internally. As you evaluate your choices and decisions in outsourcing different components of your operations, you will need to consider the advantages of outsourcing. When done for the right reasons, outsourcing will actually help your company grow and save money. There are more advantages of outsourcing that go beyond money. 

Full Support

Our 'full support' service is designed for customers who don't have an expert in-house IT support function, and who prefer to focus management energies elsewhere.

With 'full support', we take complete responsibility for our customer's overall IT requirements, managing day-to-day IT services, providing long-term advice regarding IT-related business issues, and delivering exceptional value.

Some clients opt for an All Inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed. Others opt for Variable Rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Overall, we aim to offer flexibility.

We tailor individual support agreements to suit individual clients and their organisational requirements. Some want regular on-site visits included. Others do not. Some want our engineers to have remote access to user's machines. Again, others may not need this facility.

All IT SupportDesk engineers are trained to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of technical understanding. And engineers also help to identify individuals who may need IT-related training, that would improve their individual effectiveness and productivity.

Above all, we recognise that supporting people is as important as supporting technology. We believe passionately in the importance of quality people, delivering a human-to-human service:


Our complementary support is designed around the needs of businesses who have an expert, in-house IT function, but who still require additional expertise and input on a regular basis.

The key point for Complementary Service is that the Client decide which services they need - and how much they are willing to spend. Some clients come to us for specific services such as network management or user support. Whilst others see us as an additional flexible resource, working in partnership with the manager responsible for IT services, and supplementing the in-house IT support team.

Some want regular on-site visits included. Others do not. Some want our engineers to have remote access to user's machines. Again, others may not need this facility. Some clients (with their own inhouse IT resource) use IT SupportDesk to deliver first-line user support, escalating calls to an internal team, designed to deal with issues that cannot be resolved via an initial call.

Some clients opt for an All Inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed. Others opt for Variable Rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Overall, we aim for flexibility. Due to the detailed analysis and reporting IT SupportDesk can provide, clients often use the IT SupportDesk platform to not only analyze our performance, but give greater visibility of their own IT function helping to inform financial and strategic decisions.

IT Support Desk Services FOR SMALL BUSINESS
Many small businesses allow themselves to become dangerously dependent on local freelance consultants to handle all classes of PC and network problems, even those which can easily be resolved remotely or those which are "over the head" of the independent consultant. Assuming the freelance consultant is always available, this exclusive dependence can result in unnecessary expense for things such as travel time, if the consultant is not equipped to solve problems remotely, or support time, if the consultant is not up to speed on the relevant technology and is "learning on your dime".

Realistically, freelance consultants are often unavailable due to other support jobs, illness, vacations, or various other reasons. Occasionally they move out of town, take fulltime jobs, or even get in a disagreement that breaks the relationship. All these circumstances could, in case of a technical emergency, result in an expensive loss of network availability that can far exceed the cost of a few hours of extra service time.

IT Support Desk provide small businesses a cost-effective mix of hands-on support along with the advantages of the Technicians having enterprise-class expertise. IT SupportDesk can offer small businesses benefits that are difficult if not impossible for independent freelance consultants to provide on their own. These benefits include:

  • IT Support Desk service is consistent due to large, expert support teams.
  • Trouble tickets are monitored and managed by professional service managers to make sure that no jobs fall through the cracks.
  • Prompt and effective escalation of problems is possible because of the availability of world-class engineers including Cisco-certified CCIEs.
  • Trouble tickets are efficiently dispatched to the appropriate support teams so that the people who are most capable are assigned to solve the problem.
  • IT SupportDesk's internal support databases are growing continually and are available to help personnel to solve problems quickly and effectively.
  • IT SupportDesk's client login section makes it easy for clients to track the progress of a job ticket or add new tasks without having to contact a consultant personally.
  • IT SupportDesk offers you flexibility to choose the services as per your requirement and multiple methods of making the payment.
IT Project Management

For clients (who may also be Full Support or Complementary Support clients) seeking a reliable and proven partner to manage and deliver crucial IT projects. IT SupportDesk has a long-standing track-record of delivering IT projects of various sizes, from simple upgrades to major network and security design projects.

Some of the projects we have delivered include:
Complete migrations from MPLS VPN to VPN over Broadband covering 1200 locations with minimal downtime. Network refresh projects, End-to-end designing, planning, procuring and implementing, Migrating data, manage user expectations.

IT SupportDesk perform smaller projects with the same professionalism as the larger ones. Single SBS (Small Business Server) upgrades, introducing a new server into the domain.etc.

Remote working solutions for companies where the management wants to work from home, to those clients who have hundreds of staff operating around the globe.

Numerous security projects to manage Internet usage, minimize potential security threats, remote access methodologies and meeting auditory requirements.

High availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. Using real-time replication, load-balancing, redundancy, clustering technologies or storage networking to meet the clients needs.

" The projects IT Support Desk has successfully executed range in scale, duration and complexity. But suffice to say, IT SupportDesk has years of experience and qualified engineers, consultants and project managers to ensure we deliver quality, by deadlines and within budget".

IT Training

IT Support Desk is the sister concern of Rooman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , an ISO9001:2000 company with more than a decade of experience in offering Hardware, Networking and Security Training and have graduated more than 35,000 students across it's 100 plus branches in India and abroad.

Technical Manpower

About Rooman:

Rooman is a premier IT Training company, which has been voted as India's No.1 in Networking and Internet Security. Countless international tie-ups and world class training facilities have set it apart and established it's stand of being the best training institute for Hardware, Networking and Internet Security. With Rooman's wide network of branches in India and abroad, internationally certified faculty, proven instructional methodology and a well connected placement cell, one is sure to achieve the goal.

Rooman holds Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Redhat-Linux, Checkpoint, ISS, Ec-council, VMware, RSS and many other Networking & Security courses that go beyond Certification; to expand their clients knowledge and real world skills, in order to accelerate company profits.

Real-time Scenario:

Instructors at Rooman have the hands-on experience in preparing IT professionals for the real world. They have developed a training and certification solution that provide tangible results in an efficient and cost effective manner. Additionally, their computer and networking labs have all the latest equipment required to demonstrate the hands-on knowledge specific to your company's need.

Clients come to Rooman because they realize the power of live training and dynamic instruction is far superior to their own self study or self directed e-learning solutions. When it comes to Networking and Security Training, most of the largest companies and government agencies in India rely on Rooman.

Customized to your specification:

Program directors and course writers at Rooman are available to work with you in developing a tailored program to ensure they reach all of your objectives.