This course offers hands-on coaching on the installation and set up of RSA Authentication Agents, Authentication Manager software, and other RSA SecurID system components. This course considers that the student has attended the RSA SecurID Administration course or has equivalent operations experience with RSA Authentication Manager - operations are not covered as part of this course. The subject matter in this course prepares students with the classroom component recommended for the RSA SecurID Certified Systems Engineer certification


Technical personnel who install, service and support RSA SecurID installations.


  • RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 Administration, or equivalent v7.1 administration experience
  • Microsoft Windows or UNIX system administration
Duration of the course: 2 Days ( 8 Hrs/Day)

Course outline:

  • Setting up the Credential Manager for provisioning
  • Using the Command-line Utility package
  • System maintenance including backups and audit log archiving
  • Configuring load balancing for system Agents to servers
  • Handling node secret and sdconf.rec files
  • Managing offline authentication for the Microsoft Windows environment
  • Configuring Agent software for local, network and web access protection
  • Specific system installation and configurations to support RSA Authentication Agent integration into a Microsoft Windows domain environment
  • Functions and features of popular and representative RSA Authentication Agent installations for Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems
  • Establishing preferred and failover servers in legacy Agent hosts