This course provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities associated with an RSA SecurID system. The working principles behind RSA SecurID authenticators and RSA Authentication Manager software are discussed, including product architecture, time and event synchronization, utilizing external Identity Sources and exploring all forms of an administrative structure. Extensive hands-on labs reinforce the administrative work involved in managing a user population and token assignment. The subject matter in this course prepares students with the classroom component recommended for the RSA SecurID Certified Administrator certification.


Security, system, or help desk administrators who require to support and administer RSA SecurID products


Microsoft Windows or UNIX system administration.

Duration of the course: 2 Days (8 Hrs/Day)

Course outline:

  • High level description of RSA Authentication Manager software and its contribution to authentication
  • Authentication as a foundation of security, trust and confidence in digital identities
  • RSA Authentication Manager system components
  • RSA Authentication Manager/Agent system architecture
  • Concepts of strong user authentication
  • Token theory - time synchronization, authenticator types
  • Administrative access and task/scope delegation
  • Concepts of protecting access points, Agent functions and login
  • Description of Realm and Security Domain structures
  • Licensing options