Internet Security Systems Proventia intrusion prevention appliances deliver pre-emptive protection for networks. These devices stop malicious Internet attacks earlier they impact your organization. The only effective way to preserve network availability, reduce the burden on your IT resources and prevent security breaches.

The Proventia Intrusion Prevention Appliance (G Series) course provides practices, concepts and methods require to successfully manage Proventia G appliances. The course concentrates on hands-on exercises supported by presentations, lectures and demonstrations. Starting with an introduction to intrusion protection, students learn about the appliance's operational modes and how to properly deploy the appliance in a high availability environment. Students also learn how to install, configure and manage a Proventia G appliance, and how to monitor and analyze security events using both the Proventia Manager and SiteProtector Console.


Network and security professionals evaluating, implementing, managing, or monitoring an environment that includes Proventia intrusion prevention appliances (G400/2000).


Working knowledge of : TCP/IP, Windows 2000/2003 Server and SiteProtector centralized management system.

Duration of the course: Part Time : N/A
Full Time : 2 Days

Course outline:

  • Introduce intrusion protection concepts and the Proventia G appliance.
  • Connect the Proventia G appliance to your network.
  • Define the operation modes available to the appliance along with the networking considerations associated with each mode.
  • Configure the Proventia G appliance in a high availability environment.
  • Restore the Proventia G appliance and configure the initial appliance settings.
  • Explain the SiteProtector Console display information.
  • Use Proventia Manager to configure the Proventia G appliance to communicate with and be managed by SiteProtector.
  • Monitor event information and use predefined data views and basic filters to analyze event information.
  • Export analysis views.
  • Generate site reports.
  • Manage the Proventia G400 appliance.
  • Describe predefined appliance responses.
  • Configure response objects.
  • Configure protection domains and various types of security events for Proventia G appliances.
  • Configure connection events, firewall settings, Trons events and user-defined events in the appliance policy.
  • Tune advanced parameters for Proventa G appliances.
  • Use Proventia Manager to manage and monitor a Proventia G appliance.